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CodeDescriptionOverall Size HxWxD
SUS0SSU0 1x12 Sam325x325x150
SUS1SSU1 1x24 Sam482x325x150
SUS2SSU2 2x20 Sam537x430x150
SUS3SSU3 3x20 Sam775x430x150
SUS4SSU4 3x28 Sam775x510x150
SUS5SSU5 3x32 Sam775x585x150
SUS6SSU6 3x32/3x12775x930x200
SUS7SSU7 3x32/3x20775x1034x200
SUS0DSU0 1x9 Din325x325x150
SUS1DSU1 1x18 Din482x325x150
SUS2DSU2 2x15 Din537x430x150
SUS3DSU3 3x15 din775x430x150
SUS4DSU4 3x21 Din775x510x150
SUS5DSU5 3x24 Din775x585x150
SUS6DSU6 3x24/3x9775x930x200
SUS7DSU7 3x24/3x15775x1034x200

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SU Surface Cabinet

SU0 1×12 Sam, SU1 1×24 Sam, SU2 2×20 Sam, SU3 3×20 Sam, SU4 3×28 Sam, SU5 3×32 Sam, SU6 3×32/3×12, SU7 3×32/3×20, SU0 1×9 Din, SU1 1×18 Din, SU2 2×15 Din, SU3 3×15 din, SU4 3×21 Din, SU5 3×24 Din, SU6 3×24/3×9, SU7 3×24/3×15


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