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CodeDescriptionOverall Size HxWxD
SUW0SSU0 1x12 Sam325x325x150
SUW1SSU1 1x24 Sam482x325x150
SUW2SSU2 2x20 Sam537x430x150
SUW3SSU3 3x20 Sam775x430x150
SUW4SSU4 3x28 Sam775x510x150
SUW5SSU5 3x32 Sam775x585x150
SUW6SSU6 3x42 Sam775x930x200
SUW7SSU7 3x52 Sam775x1034x200
SUW0DSU0 1x09 Din325x325x150
SUW1DSU1 1x18 Din482x325x150
SUW2DSU2 2x15 Din537x430x150
SUW3DSU3 3x15 Din775x430x150
SUW4DSU4 3x20 Din775x510x150
SUW5DSU5 3x24 Din775x585x150
SUW6DSU6 3x32 Din775x930x200
SUW7DSU7 3x39 Din775x1034x200

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SU Flush Weatherproof

SU0 1×12 Sam, SU1 1×24 Sam, SU2 2×20 Sam, SU3 3×20 Sam, SU4 3×28 Sam, SU5 3×32 Sam, SU6 3×42 Sam, SU7 3×52 Sam, SU0 1×09 Din, SU1 1×18 Din, SU2 2×15 Din, SU3 3×15 Din, SU4 3×20 Din, SU5 3×24 Din, SU6 3×32 Din, SU7 3×39 Din


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