Single Phase

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CodeDescriptionOverall Size
DB4S4Mod Samite250x150x70
DB6S6Mod Samite250x175x70
DB8S8Mod Samite250x200x70
DB10S10Mod Samite250x225x70
DB12S12Mod Samite250x250x70
DB14S14Mod Samite250x275x70
DB16S16Mod Samite250x300x70
DB20S20Mod Samite250x350x70
DB24S24Mod Samite250x400x70
DB28S28Mod Samite250x450x70
DB32S32Mod Samite250x500x70
DB6D6Mod Din250x250x70
DB9D9Mod Din250x275x70
DB12D12Mod Din250x300x70
DB15D15Mod Din250x350x70
DB18D18Mod Din250x400x70
DB21D21Mod Din250x450x70
DB24D24Mod Din250x500x70

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Single Phase

4 Mod Samite, 6 Mod Samite, 8 Mod Samite, 10 Mod Samite, 12 Mod Samite, 14 Mod Samite, 16 Mod Samite, 20 Mod Samite, 24 Mod Samite, 28 Mod Samite, 32 Mod Samite, 6 Mod Din, 9 Mod Din, 12 Mod Din, 15 Mod Din, 18 Mod Din, 21 Mod Din, 24 Mod Din


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