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Galvanised Draw Boxes with Knockouts

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CodeDescriptionOverall Size
4x4x24x4x2 Draw Box100x100x50
4x4x34x4x3 Draw Box100x100x75
6x6x26x6x2 Draw Box150x150x50
6x6x36x6x3 Draw Box150x150x75
6x9x26x9x2 Draw Box150x230x50
6x9x36x9x3 Draw Box150x230x75
9x9x29x9x2 Draw Box230x230x50
9x9x39x9x3 Draw Box230x230x75
9x12x29x12x2 Draw Box230x305x50
9x12x39x12x3 Draw Box230x305x75
12x12x212x12x2 Draw Box305x305x50
12x12x312x12x3 Draw Box305x305x75
15x15x215x15x2 Draw Box380x380x50
15x15x315x15x3 Draw Box380x380x75
18x18x218x18x2 Draw Box460x460x50
18x18x318x18x3 Draw Box460x460x75
24x24x224x24x2 Draw Box610x610x50
24x24x324x24x3 Draw Box610x610x75

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Galvanised Draw Box

4x4x2 Draw Box, 4x4x3 Draw Box, 6x6x2 Draw Box, 6x6x3 Draw Box, 6x9x2 Draw Box, 6x9x3 Draw Box, 9x9x2 Draw Box, 9x9x3 Draw Box, 9x12x2 Draw Box, 9x12x3 Draw Box, 12x12x2 Draw Box, 12x12x3 Draw Box, 15x15x2 Draw Box, 15x15x3 Draw Box, 18x18x2 Draw Box, 18x18x3 Draw Box, 24x24x2 Draw Box, 24x24x3 Draw Box


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